Poker Bad Beats

Your going to get some ENJOY IT !

The online experience 😂

Get ready for some serious ups and downs, it doesn’t matter what you play somebody will get adventurous and take your chips #TournyPlay

You can sit and play solid hands all day and make nothing, there’s no rules in Texas hold’em no limits

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HUD or no Hud ?? Poker calculator ?

I’ve always taken notes and tried to study the game, but a growing number for years have used tracking software, the question which is best ??

They all pretty much offer a 30 day trial, Hold’Em Manager 2 and DriveHud and PokerLabsPro Calculator offers 30,000 hands

I start with HM2 and Calc still in demo mode I like what they offer, Calcualtor has a cool odds and outs box, just in case your playing a sleep or not fully concentrating.

I’ve just reformatted my win 10 and Calc is playing up giving me run as admin errors sad thing is I am already !! no idea unistalled for now !!

You call with that #PLAN

I’ve played low stakes since I got back to the game in early November, and moved up to $7 & $15 dollar games but only spin n go really, I’ve nearly killed my bankroll with some major TILT!

Yesterday I thought my fortune had turned, I entered the $1 super knockout and initially played some super strong hands and got paid #NoBeats, then it all turned around badly sitting with strong suited connectors on many occasions I had Q6,Q7 3,7 calls for all in.

Surely these hands can’t get paid every time ? oh yes they can, so I dived back in FIRST MISTAKE, new rule if you lose minimum 15mins out to reflect on what went wrong, did you make too many raises etc. sounds silly but people want to play hands so you raising and them no playing cards is going to encourage RAGE and the dollar I don’t care all in gamble, the more they hit the more they gamble so it’s a FARCE.

Good guys get paid attitude, today is a new day and we build the BANKROLL again, start from scratch and work on solid base.

New month need to get busy with PokerSchool League

These fast games are to encourage you to play more and more important really loose, they want their profits and you to bet more and faster.

The old saying having to seen a poor book maker ?

Trialing Hold’Em Manager 2 see if it can help with stats and info other than NOTES! which on Pokerstars is useless as you never see them again.


888 Poker JOKER hand of the week

surelyNo words other than I went all in on the flop after Q3 raised and I decided it’s to act with blinds at 3600

Why would you then call the 30k + I’ve put in with no real value ?????? it’s 99.9% loss surely??

not on 888poker

these calls were better early and the right person got paid all in pre flop !


wouldn’t have been upset if the Jack had hit, wasn’t the worse show i’ve seen today


again I’ve seen worse calls at least he hit !


Seriously this guy lastest longer than me

How come ??? joke call all in #YourOut well you should be


First hand beauties #SpinAndGo

Throw it in on the flop he hits 



badbad luck, money in #DoneOver

It’s happens all to often, this is my last ever rebuy for online poker!!

Tooooo many hits when in front 

I wouldn’t mind but he went all in on the flop !!!!!

Read him well but he got lucky !!

Gamble on the flop 

Today I go broke another treasure live !!

Money goes in after flop and bingo #RiverBeauty 

Some days you hold on 

Awesome AK holds up 5 handed 

Then u get no action 

Sunday drama 😎

Tough school 

Big raise but Q9 still called and gets paid #GoFigure 

A good hand 

Raise pre flop doesn’t actually matter 

Hitting the hands 👍

Four of a kind like buses on pokerstars #MaybeNot 

Check check hard breathe hope, he hits the ace 👌 he did 

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