I’ve played low stakes since I got back to the game in early November, and moved up to $7 & $15 dollar games but only spin n go really, I’ve nearly killed my bankroll with some major TILT!

Yesterday I thought my fortune had turned, I entered the $1 super knockout and initially played some super strong hands and got paid #NoBeats, then it all turned around badly sitting with strong suited connectors on many occasions I had Q6,Q7 3,7 calls for all in.

Surely these hands can’t get paid every time ? oh yes they can, so I dived back in FIRST MISTAKE, new rule if you lose minimum 15mins out to reflect on what went wrong, did you make too many raises etc. sounds silly but people want to play hands so you raising and them no playing cards is going to encourage RAGE and the dollar I don’t care all in gamble, the more they hit the more they gamble so it’s a FARCE.

Good guys get paid attitude, today is a new day and we build the BANKROLL again, start from scratch and work on solid base.

New month need to get busy with PokerSchool League

These fast games are to encourage you to play more and more important really loose, they want their profits and you to bet more and faster.

The old saying having to seen a poor book maker ?

Trialing Hold’Em Manager 2 see if it can help with stats and info other than NOTES! which on Pokerstars is useless as you never see them again.