Poker Bad Beats

Your going to get some ENJOY IT !

Time tourney 15 mins – all in shootout 

15 mins get as much as you can see how much you can make!!!!! Dollars worth of fun 

All in and some 

Previous hand didn’t go well either! 

Hey ho it’s worth the gamble,if it’s comes off one in four you get paid well! No point sitting and blinding out and earning zip 


Zoom tournament on pokerstars 

Only a dollar game but 2hrs work for $4 wasn’t exactly what I wanted with 82k chips at half way 

I like the idea fold a hand and straight into the next! But boy is it tiring 😎 😴 

Get rich quick it’s not 😁

Good morning spin n go #WellBad

First game move up and flop J8 so 2 pair, villian raised I pushed #WhyNot ? 

King flops and board pairs – good night Vienna 👌

And back for more 

Playing against fools who win ? Turn all in !

Then typical pokerstars get everyone involved in a hand !!!!!

New year new temporary form 🎲

Well the 50k challenge lasted 1.30hr and with utter garbage it ended when I had pocket jack’s ! 

Tonight’s mystery cards and calls #Alarming – all in on the flop

Above I’d raised and it really shows that 2-7 off really is a killer! You can get lucky 2 from 100 ?

All good for me tho, we move on happy new year 👏 🎯

hands galore #updowns

Screenshots from the last few days good and bad

I was curing big time when 4 diamonds came down at a vital part of the tournament, then the chips got past to me and then IT CLICKED four of a kind!

Qualified for the 80k or 50k Tourny (which is £90 to enter for free 🙂 #888Poker

Dummy calls or real poker hands ??

Right some good beats over the bad or plain sh1t calls you tell me ?


I’ve been trialling HUD from poker labs, kinda works but I still think you need to have some idea on what and when to play!

Beat the clock #Pokerstars 

It’s fast it’s fun it’s random and if you don’t hit cards early then your just PRAY for the birds !! 

I’ve had zero look lately and it seems every race goes wrong #PeteTongue 

Last game and my £10 that moved to $65 and back to my last $5.40 and bingo!! Felix from the flames 

Beat the clock #PokerStars or Jokerstars 

10-4 goes all in I sit with 12k in chips with 9s and as by magic 👎👋👏👐

Sums up online poker in one hand 

27th December 2016 taking the hit !

Seems winning a race when ahead isn’t an option today $3 $7 and $11 knockout all out raced or rivered !!!

When the funds are gone all off £10 it’s gone unless I collect a few #CardsChat freerolls 

Wouldn’t mind but I’d already been done over with kings V 77 rivered again then the jack’s failed again these aren’t small let’s see the flop raises one was 30k

And finally PartyPoker this time but it throws you out so fast I couldn’t catch it on my tablet AA and only 7k had 4 callers a river 8 and another $5.50 down the pan. 

Are you learning anything here ? #Fold even the best pre flop hands they just don’t work. 🚒🌋

cardsChat FreeRoll at 8pm UK 

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